Dank's Wonder Emporium was originally founded in 2012 by Random Vaughn and Sam Becker as a medical marijuana collective in Washington State under the name of Pacific Green & Delivery. The collective was founded for one simple reason, to provide the best possible medical marijuana to as many Washington patients at the most affordable price possible. 

The collective was founded and started in the city of Pacific Washington in November of 2012. From there the collective grew to the city of Auburn Washington in September of 2013. The collective was only in the city of Auburn for a few months before the city enacted a ban on all marijuana collective gardens making it to where Pacific Green of Auburn was forced to close it's doors.

After closing down the collective in Auburn, when most people would have been deterred, Random Vaughn refused to be swayed in his plan to provide the proper care and medication to all Washington patients and continued looking for new locations in new cities around the state.

In April of 2014 the collective purchased a fellow collective operating in the city of Puyallup, previously known as CannaClub. After the purchase of CannaClub, Pacific Green changed the name of the facility and remodeled the store to be more open and welcoming to all patients. This store was also the original and first store belonging to Pacific Green to have a fully operational Dab bar and lounge. The purpose of the Dab lounge was to provide patients a safe and secure place to consume their medication if for any reason they were unable to safely or securely consume it at their home. The Dab bar was one of the most popular places for patients to frequent for the years to come.

After opening the Puyallup location, it gave a new burst of energy and life to the collective and so Random went on to continue finding more locations. It was then in August of 2014 a mere 4 months after opening the Puyallup store Pacific Green Collective again purchased a fellow struggling collective in the city of Spanaway Washington. Due to the extensive size of the building in Spanaway we were able to open yet another Dab bar and lounge for our patients, while continuing to provide the excellent service and continue to go above and beyond for every person who came through our doors.

Only a few months after opening the Spanaway location the collective found and purchased another struggling collective in November of 2014 in the city of Tacoma. This store was a smaller facility making it to where it was operated more similarly to the original Pacific Green store in the city of Pacific, not having a Dab bar. 

During the time of opening these stores the collective was also submitting and applying to the "lottery" for an I-502 retail marijuana establishment. I-502 was passed by the voters of Washington state in 2012 and the state Liquor Control Board conducted a lottery system drawing as to who would receive the allotted recreational retail marijuana licenses. The collective had three people apply for 3 licenses each for a total of 9 potential lottery slots. When the time came for the lottery "winners" to be announced it was found that only one application of the 9 made the cut, however due to that application being in the city of Pacific who then enacted a ban on recreational marijuana sales we lost our only chance at a license in the lottery. The collective members did not let this sway them hence the opening of the above mentioned stores after the lottery results.

In April of 2015, a year after the original recreational stores had been opened, the state passed SB-5052 which stated all medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries must shut down by July 1st 2016 or face felony charges. In light of the passing of 5052 the state allotted additional slots for recreational retail marijuana stores in the state to help combat the closing of the medical stores, along with instate the patient database system, allowing patients to purchase products from recreational stores sales tax-free. 

Instead of doing a lottery this round the state issued a three-tier priority list consisting of certain qualifications to determine which priority an applicant fell under, such as taxes paid, open prior to 2013, along with if they had originally applied to the I-502 lottery back in 2013. Pacific Green collective met all the criteria and was granted priority one status, meaning we would be able to apply and potentially receive 3 recreational retail marijuana licenses. The collective applied via Random Vaughn for 3 locations. The process was tedious and long but worth it. We were granted 2 locations, one in Thurston County and one in Lewis County, which are now known as Dank's Wonder Emporium. 

The "how" and the "what" may have changed over the years since the company was originally founded as a small medical collective however the WHY has never strayed, we still focus on our customers above all else, we still strive to give the best products to the largest number of people at the lowest possible cost at all times. So when you are working here at Dank's Wonder Emporium, keep in mind the HOW and the WHAT but truly focus on the WHY if you want to fully understand what it is we are doing here.